This is the goal of Repujazz

July 11, 2013

New Orleans, LA July 09, 2013

Very few companies are capable of taking criticism and significant feedback and adjusting their artistic products accordingly. This is the goal of Repujazz, which is a next generation video game developer. This is a company that is well known amongst video gamers for creating successful games that push their genres forward by introducing new concepts and relying on tried and true methods of success too. Repujazz has developed successful titles for a number of different video games consoles, too, including computers. Repujazz was founded in 2001 by a number of designers, programmers, and writers who had recently parted ways with other, more well known, video game development companies. The result was a video game company that cared a great deal about what video gamers wanted. The high quality of the work that they do is responsible for the success of the company and each title.

The titles that Repujazz has put out include Stealth Superhero, Hello World!, and Space Marines: Into the Void, all of which were commercially successful. This has allowed for future opportunities with these titles, which are sure to be exciting too. Repujazz has been hailed by a number of industry experts and publications as the future of video game development, both in terms of style and approach.

Repujazz is the employer of over three hundred employees, this includes everyone from the executive leadership team down to the secretary at the corporate office. The staff consists of video game designers, programmers, writers, and marketing or advertising specialists, all of whom are dedicated to bringing to market the latest and greatest in next generation video games. Repujazz's corporate headquarters is located in Dublin, but there is additional office in Los Angeles, too. This is a company that cares about what video game consumers want and is prepared to evolve to meet those needs and desires. They are next generation, not because they follow the trends in gaming, but because they set them.